Is it Down? How to check if a website is down

July 27th, 2009 by K79 Leave a reply »


So often I get call or email from somebody asking, is (insert a website here) down for you?

Well one way to check is that you call me and I will check and reply to you.
However there is a very quick way, just enter the domain name in the website below and it will report instantly if the website in question is down or not.

You can also get a direct link to the server status checker from the website.
It follows a simple format that you put the domain name to check right after the website address. e.g.

You can also check if the site you are checking is down for other locations around the globe or not.

Is it down US –

Remember it is and .us domains (.com is a pointless advert page)

Your comments and questions are welcome like always.

Thank you