So you are a search giant and another big company comes along and claim they are making a giant search engine (bing) and soon after they announce that they are merging with another big competitor, what do you do?

This question was put forward to Google recently and already they are back with a sandbox version of their search engine: Google 2.

Now there are no interface changes or lovely background on the search page, instead the new search page is claimed to be faster, more accurate and up to date. I think it was time Google should have done this as Bing was just starting to creep up on search market share. In their own words the Google Development team was working on this project secretly which can easily be called next generation of Google. This enhanced version promises size, indexing, speed and accuracy improvements. As said earlier there are no noticeable changes apart from speed and different results in some cases this web developer release will be a good testing ground for Google.

There is one way for you to test this under construction new version of world’s largest search engine.

We have come up with this little tool: Google vs Google2

You can compare the results from both current Google search engine and all new Google search engine side by side.

Comments and suggestions welcome like always.