I was trying to prepare for the theory test and needed a fun way to do it.
Also I was feeling stupid with all the CDs that show you 35 random question, I mean that is OK for DVLA to do as they are taking the test but as I am preparing for test I need to read ALL the questions. However you should notice that I took the test about 2 years ago so some of the newer questions are not on this tool.


Just go through all questions in all sections below. You will be amazed that the questions database in not huge and 80% of answers are common sense.
Ready to start? Just click any link below.

Theory Test Revision – UK Driving License Theory Test – Prepare Driving License Theory Test Free – Test is Officially Conducted by DSA – Driving Standards Agency, England, United Kingdom. This kit will prepare you to take exam and pass with good grade. It will let you know about every thing commonly asked in theory tests. Take a trial test before entering the exam hall. Take a mock test to judge yourself against preparation. This web page have Car and Motorcycle Driving Test Questions. ADI – Approved Driving Instructors Theory Test Preparation Questions. These sample test questions for theory test can be used to practice, learn and improve your knowledge and skills about driving theory test. These questions are compiled by private instructors and do not represent actual questions or databank of DSA – Driving Standards Agency, Great Britain or DVLA – Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority England, Scotland, Ireland. These questions are not official test preparation questions and will not guarantee your success in the theory exam. This test preparation web site is only created to demonstrate the use of web development languages for academic purpose. Any other use of these page or any part thereof without written permission is denied.