“A website where us Brits can express our frustration at anything and everything British.”

So you are tired of your British life? or maybe you envy your British life style? Now you can share whatever you want to say about you being British just say away on this website.

Be careful, if you want to post something stereo typical about British people by pretending to be British you might get stung by down votes.

The website has Twitter account at Twitter – My Life is British and a facebook group at FaceBook Group – My Life is British that publishes the newly posted stories.

Some of my favourites are:

Today, I found out that most countries do not pay TV license fee, we pay it and biggest part goes to huge salaries such as Jonathan Ross, MLIB

Today, college was cancelled due to a tiny amount of snow, MLIB

Today, I was told that our council’s tax office only opens 9-5, but the people who are free in these hours are ones who do not pay council tax, MLIB